About Us

Our prime objective is to serve as a bridge between foreign students and respected universities. We aim to create equal opportunities for the individuals within these regions to receive first-class education and gain the necessary expertise and knowledge needed for intellectual growth.

Edustart Consultancy is a an educational consultancy company working since November 2017. Our business philosophy is to support  students in selecting the best foreign institute according to their academic requirements. For a better future for the youth, we have approached highly ranked private and government colleges and universities across the globe. We are representing more than 100 universities from UK.

Our Mission

To encourage diversity and equal opportunity and encourage free flow of labour, knowledge and ideas across borders to anywhere where merit and expertise is recognised and rewarded regardless of nationality, gender, age or race. We strongly believe in the right to education and not being limited to educational opportunities.

Our Vision

We see a future world where countries seamlessly integrate a great influx of immigrants because of a global rising in the shortage of skills in the workforce. Our efforts would be to train the best talent and help people in their great journey of immigration to meet success in their chosen objectives.

Our Principles

  • Take steps to ensure a smooth admissions process for students 
  • Offer educational advice and guidance
  • Maintain high standards of personal conduct
  • Exercise independence of thoughts and actions
  • Seek to advance the professional standards of education consultancy
The high success rate that we have achieved in our chosen areas of expertise is due to the fact that we have developed a keen sense of acumen for education and believe in equal opportunities in the global marketplace for students and professionals. Once we do this systematically, we seek out what is best for our students.


We have successfully brought the concept of immigrating abroad to the doorstep of every aspiring
immigrant, by making it more affordable and accessible without any difficult procedures.

Our system aims to rigorously and actively promote foreign education and immigration very close to
you. I heartily welcome you to browse through our website and contact us.


Discover your potential abroad.


CEO of Edustart Ltd