About Our Service

Edustart Consultancy arrange accommodation for international students who need a high-quality apartment or house in the UK. So, whether you are looking for a studio flat or a house you can share with friends, we will help you in finding a range of safe and secure accommodation for you before you enter the United Kingdom.

Homestay Option

       Our students can expect the following within their rooms:

  • A bed and storage space such as a wardrobe and/or chest of drawers.
  • There will also be either a desk in the room or somewhere quiet in the house where you can study.
  • The family will provide fresh bed sheets and towels once a week and students have the use of the washing machine.
  • Students will be provided with their own key.
  • All our families have internet access.
  • The student will share a bathroom with the family.

Bathroom – In a standard homestay, the student will share the bathroom with family members and/or other students

Can I change my host family? – If either you or the host is not happy with your partnership, please speak to us at your earliest convenience. A change of host families can be arranged with 7 days notice.

Will I be the only international student who lives with the host family?

Homestay families can host between 1 and 4 students in their house. Each student must have their own bedroom and students who speak the same native language are not placed together unless they request it.

Private Room rent in a House Share

 We charge:

  • £500 per month for a double room
  • £700 per month for a double room with 2 people sharing
  • £400 per month for a single room
  • All bills are included with the fee.
  • Deposit: 1-month rent
  • Term: Minimum stay = 1 month